In 1994, in the cornfields of Iowa, a church was planted at Iowa State University by a college ministry with 24 community members and 200 college students. 14 years in to the life of the church, the Elders decided to start planting churches in University contexts similar to Iowa State. This led to the formation of what is now known as The Salt Network in 2016, which is a family of churches working together to plant churches in University contexts to reach both the community and the campus.

The beginnings of Wellspring Church start in the same place as many church plants – God gave a vision for a new church to group of people who longed to see Him move. In December 2016, Calvary Church, the church many of these people were a part of, acknowledged this new work was from the LORD and blessed it in a Sunday service. After that, the launch team met weekly to pray and plan for this new church: Wellspring Church.

The vision was to raise up a church to reach out to college students and bring them together with community members and families. Because of its passion and success with college students, Wellspring joined the Salt Network to partner together and became the 8th church plant in the Salt Network.

On August 27, 2017, Wellspring held its first public service, and God began blessing the church with a fruitful Salt Company college ministry and rising Sunday morning attendance. We are glad to look back with gratitude at how God has grown our church, and look ahead with full expectation that the best days of Wellspring Church are still ahead.